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Along with Chris Mader, I started Dynamic Marching in 2005 to provide high quality instructional videos for band directors. We have always sought out instruction from the best teachers, using professional video production crews and beautiful production, editing, and delivery... and always focusing on how a rising tide raises all the boats!

Jeff Young

CEO, President, Co-Founder

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While YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook offer a plethora of free and entertaining content, the unparalleled quality, depth of expertise, and pedagogical excellence found in Dynamic Marching's instructional videos, blogs, and courses surpasses anything you'll encounter elsewhere. From top-tier production values to expert music education pedagogy, Dynamic Marching sets a standard that simply cannot be matched by other online platforms.

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Desktop and Smart Phone App

Our new course hosting platform, CC360, has a great desktop interface but also you can download Dynamic Marching's courses as an app on your smart phone!


Most Future Courses Included!

All of our new releases will be included unless they are a special project! Soon we are releasing a course on technology, amplification, and electronics as well as a course on front ensemble fundamentals.


Downloads and Handouts

Some of our courses offer very helpful PDF downloads to help your teaching.

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1,000s of band directors have used and trusted the Dynamic Marching & Movement videos. But did you know that we have 10 different courses by some of the most successful teachers in the United States.

Dynamic Marching THE SYSTEM is the number one resource in the country for marching & movement instruction.

Visual Performance Individual is taught by Todd Ryan, DCI Hall of Famer and Blue Devils Marching guru!

Visual Performance Ensemble is all about teaching and cleaning drill - with Chris Kreke

Fundamentals of Flag has two levels. Sheldon Apo is an incredible flag performer and instructor from Bellbrook.

Fundamentals of Dance also has two levels. Kelly Young is an incredible choreographer and teacher from Carmel.

Visual General Effect breaks down understanding and approaching G.E. With artist and designer, Michael Gray.

Music Performance Ensemble is all about tone, air, timing, tuning, and planning! With Bobby Lambert!

Dynamic Symphonic Band is actually four different courses from Richard Saucedo and David Starnes.

New! Pageantry Arts Amplification and Electronics with Matt Black (Cavaliers, Carmel, and more!)

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Add on our popular Band Director Essentials Course - for just $10 (the initial release cost of these courses were hundreds of dollars each)! Purchasing seperately would cost hundreds more.

*Dynamic Marching Band Show Design

*Designing Total Program Success

*Dynamic Marching & Movement Class


Minutes of Content

That's over 12 hours of content!



Professionally written, filmed, and produced content.



Marching, movement, music, GE, ensemble, dance, flag, symphonic band, and more!



Each video and course is taught by an expert in their field, nationally-recognized, and decorated..

Dynamic Marching Courses

Yearly subscription to our most popular videos and courses.

Dynamic Marching Courses


Retail price of ordering all of our popular videos on our website.

Band Director Essentials


Retail price of adding on our "Band Director Essentials" courses.


Dr. Tim Lauzenheiser

Leadership Icon

"Jeff Young is a remarkable educator, and – above all – he has the ability to take something uniquely complex and make it accessible."


Sharon Laird

Band Director

"Our marching band students are so blessed. Dynamic Marching's videos and clinics have been a big part of our success"


Jim Baily


"These videos are surely to be a standard resource for all educators involved or interested in the marching arts!"

Frequetly Asked Question

What will I learn in the "Designing Total Program Success" Course?

Unit One – Evaluation

This unit will teach you how to clearly describe and document where your music program is RIGHT NOW and what you want it to be in the FUTURE by defining your target audience and zeroing in on your goals. We will guide you through evaluation of people, schedules, places, and resources as they pertain to your music program.  You will have a clear understanding of your budget, your strengths, your areas for growth, and your “next steps”.

Unit Two – Organization

In this unit you’ll learn our proven system for organizing the process of designing a successful music program.  You’ll learn how to create a 1/3/5/7 year plan for your program and construct lesson plans and calendars for short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.  We will help you map out the big organizational plans as well as the small details that lead to a successful rehearsal.

Unit Three – Communication

This unit will show you how to go into communication overdrive! You’ll have everything you need to increase the effectiveness of your communication with students, staff, designers, parents, and your family.  Strong communication will directly translate into stronger relationships with those people as well as increased achievement of your ensembles.

Length of time to complete: About 3 Weeks

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What will I learn in the "Dynamic Marching Band Show Design" Course?

Unit One

This unit will teach you how to clearly describe your band’s identity now and what you want it to be in the future by defining your target audience and zeroing in on your goals. You will have a clear understanding of your budget and how that relates to “control over design vs. cost” as well as getting that rock-solid plan in place for the designers and companies that you hire.

Unit Two

In this unit you’ll learn our proven system for organizing the difficult process of show design in 7 easy steps.  You’ll learn 10 common elements of great marching band show design and construct time-lines and flow charts to map out the mood and story of your show. You will also learn about the judging sheets and what you need to do for best results and scores.

Unit Three

This unit will show you how to go into organization and communication overdrive! You’ll have everything you need to send to music arrangers/composers, guard designers, percussion arrangers/composers, and drill designers at your fingertips. Finally, you’ll complete your show design in record time by following the shared step-by-step blueprint with your staff and designers.

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Why is the Band Director Essentials Course a seperate cost?

During the pandemic we bundled ALL of our courses together at one low price, but these courses are a different level of time commitment to the student and was very expensive to join when first released. We know that these courses will change your life and stand by the value of this addition,

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What courses are included in the yearly subscription?


1.     Dynamic Marching: The System - 127 minutes (11 videos)

2.     Dynamic Marching: Visual Performance Individual - 49 minutes (4 videos)

3.     Designing Total Program Success Course - 204 minutes (16 videos)

4.     Dynamic Marching Band Show Design Course - 206 minutes (15 videos)

5.     GE Course - 30 minutes (7 videos)

6.     Visual Ensemble Course - 88 minutes (11 videos)

7.     Music Ensemble Course - 58 minutes (7 videos)

8.     Dynamic Marching Volume 2 - 45 minutes (5 videos) Legacy Video May Phase Out

9.     Dynamic Music Volume 2 - 77 minutes (8 videos) Legacy Video May Phase Out

10.  Dynamic Symphonic Band - 187 minutes (16 videos)

11.  Dynamic Color Guard:  Dance - 66 minutes (17 videos)

12.  Dynamic Color Guard:  Flag - 55 minutes (12 videos)

13.  Dynamic Technology & Amplification - 60 minutes (7 videos) COMING SOON!

14.  Dynamic Front Ensemble - 60 minutes (7 videos) COMING SOON

Not Included

1.  Designing Total Program Success Course - 204 minutes (16 videos)

2.  Dynamic Marching Band Show Design Course - 206 minutes (15 videos)

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